The Ultimate Fan


  • Level 60

Level Cap Quest 2 - The Ultimate Fan:
There's only time for one question at panel, and whoever asks it will be a god - and be able to level to 80!
( minimum level: 60 - once beaten, you can play this quest for half the Awesome for fun! )

Starting your Quest

The place - the 'Billy the Snake Man' author panel. Whoever gets to talk to the creator will be a god in the eyes of all fanboys. You've got a huge crowd to push through and outsmart, though, so choose your gear!

You'll need to pick three items to boost your stats, as you take on 10 encounters, and a Quest Boss! Each encounter will let you pick between various stats and items to deal with it, and some will work better than others. (note: Quests are HARD. You'll need to figure out what stats are important, and what items, through cleverness.)

Item Slot 1:

  • Regular Pancake Village Headband (gives +2 to All)
  • Worn Monkey Village Headband (gives +6 to Int)
  • Freshly-Laundered Cupcake Village Headband (gives +40 to HP)

Item Slot 2:

  • Billy Robes (gives +5 to Mag)
  • Timmy Robes (gives +5 to Hot)
  • Regular Clothes (gives +30 to HP)

Item Slot 3:

  • Bandolier of 'Billy X Johnny' Yaoi Doujin (gives +6 to Fan)
  • Silly-String Fireball Launcher (gives +2 to All)
  • Anti-Fanboy Baseball Bat (gives +6 to Str)

You suit up, and dive in. One will be King!


A horde of Timmy (Billy's angsty friend) fangirls is rushing you. What do you do?

Your Solution: Let them shower you with love!
Item Needed: Timmy Robes
Item Found!
They mistake you for Timmy himself, and the ones who aren't trying to make out with you gladly escort you as far into the crowd as they can.

A tightly packed line of security guards are tossing everyone who looks like a fanboy to the back of the room!

Your Solution: Stroll right on by!
Item Needed: Regular Clothes
Item Found!
They take a look at you, decide you aren't a fanboy, and let you by.

A really picky fanboy with a body-odor problem looks you up and down, and exclaims, "No TRUE Billy fan would dare come here dresthed in sthuch TACKY gear!" How do you deal with him?

Your Solution: Bash him with a baseball bat!
Item Needed: Anti-Fanboy Baseball Bat
Item Found!
You wind up, and put him through the roof. Easy.

You suddenly realize that the hall you are in is PACKED with people who haven't bathed in weeks, if ever. You are about to pass out!

Your Solution: Breathe through your freshly-laundered headband!
Item Needed: Freshly-Laundered Cupcake Village Headband
Item Found!
The sweet scent of laundry detergent masks the stank!

A hot cosplayer, hovering around the edges of the crowd, notices you as a 'well-bathed individual'. They invite you to forget about this stupid panel, and go watch boring anime back at their room all night long. Blasphemy!

Your Solution: Dive deep into the crowd so you can't hear their voice anymore!
Stat: Strength
Difficulty: 27
You burrow in past a too-tall Sakura and a too-short Vash, far away from their clarion call.

It dawns on you that the Billy show actually, well, kinda sucks. Dispel this thought before it destroys you!

Your Solution: Perform the Summoning of Bad Taste Jutsu
Stat: Magic
Difficulty: 30
Rabbit! Wombat! TRANSFORM! Your deep love for extended fight scenes and giant frogs are renewed!

The incessant swaying and heat of the crowd is lulling you to sleep. How do you keep from sleeping through the Q and A period?

Your Solution: Man up!
Stat: Strength
Difficulty: 29
You tap into your inner reserve of Awesomeness, and gather the strength to perservere.

Someone directly behind you announces that they are a Real Ninja, and challenges you for your place in the crowd!

Your Solution: Disprove their existence
Stat: Magic
Difficulty: 30
'If I can see you, and you cannot see Ninjas, then how can you be a Ninja?' They start to cry, and run away.

That huge fanboy from the first quest is here, taking up ALL of the available seats in the first row (where they pick people for questions). How are you going to get a seat?

Your Solution: Roll him over!
Stat: Strength
Difficulty: 32
With a Herculean push, you actually get him rolling, and he bounds right out the door!

Waaay off in the distance you notice that there is no one at the Free Stuffs booth outside! Resist leaving the crowd to go score swag!

Your Solution: Con a fanboy into their bag of free stuffs!
Stat: Hotness
Difficulty: 32


Uh-oh, boss time!

You make it to the microphone just as they ask for the question, and there is somebody already there! On top of that, he's.. he's COSPLAYING THE WRONG SHOW! You gear up to talk them out of it..

Your Main Combat Stat: Intelligence

You are given a +2 to your combat stat for every Hyper in that stat remaining!

Boss Fight

You are fighting: The Penultimate Fan

You square off, and engage him in a duel of Billy Trivia!

- The Penultimate Fan -
Intelligence: 31
HP Remaining: 45

He is outclassed, slinks away, and you get to ask your question - 'why does your show suck worse than all the fanfic written about it?' He is dumbfounded, and elitist internet fanwriters the world around revere you as a god!


You now have a max level of 80!

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