The Art Of Nin Ten Do


Wiimote & Nunchuck: You may now quest for the kung-fu skills of Nin Ten Do!

Hidden Quest 1 - The Art of Nin Ten Do:
The Way of the Master lies ahead, if you have the fortitude to walk the path.
( note - while this quest costs 20 Awesome to attempt, you will need to pay an ADDITIONAL 200 XP on top of that when you beat it to gain an ability. Don't start this quest unless you currently have at least 200 XP.)

Starting your Quest

You can feel it deep within you - an ability lost to the ravages of time. Something you haven't felt since you sat in front of your TV, eating cereal, searching desperately for the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. You must regain what you have lost.

You'll need to pick three items to boost your stats, as you take on 10 encounters, and a Quest Boss! Each encounter will let you pick between various stats and items to deal with it, and some will work better than others. (note: Quests are HARD. You'll need to figure out what stats are important, and what items, through cleverness.)

Item Slot 1:

  • Pokeball (gives +3 to Fan)
  • Power Glove (gives +20 to HP)
  • Zapper (gives +3 to Hot)

Item Slot 2:

  • Star (gives +3 to Str)
  • Cape (gives +3 to Hot)
  • Fire Flower (gives +3 to Mag)

Item Slot 3:

  • Triforce of Wisdom (gives +5 to Int)
  • Triforce of Power (gives +5 to Str)
  • Triforce of Courage (gives +30 to HP)

Instinctively, you head to the East, to speak with a man about a game..


A small yellow rat scurries around the corner. It sees you, and erupts into a burst of electricity!

Your Solution: Defeat him with your Poke-Powers!
Stat: Magic
Difficulty: 20
Your psychic waves turn him to your side.

A lithe bishounen with pointed ears and a green tunic silently challenges you!

Your Solution: Draw your sword!
Stat: Strength
Difficulty: 25
You fight to a draw. He nods and lets you pass.

Two Italian plumbers walk up to meet you, and motion towards a course of bricks and jumps over nothingness..

Your Solution: Gauge the Distance and Leap!
Stat: Intelligence
Difficulty: 25
You eye the platforms, and leap for the flag!

You find yourself riding along on a small, zippy cart, when a green dinosaur drifts in behind you.. and hurls a red shell!

Your Solution: You gotta shift to drift!
Stat: Hotness
Difficulty: 18
The Inertial Drift? But that's never been done on this mountain!

You are accused of a crime you didn't commit! You decide to defend yourself, and face a purple-suited procsecuter with a penchant for leaving out important facts..

Your Solution: Objection!
Stat: Hotness
Difficulty: 18
The courtroom gasps! They all believe you! Phew!

Immense four-part blocks tumble from the sky! You are about to be overwhelmed!

Your Solution: Get your fangirls to help you sort them!
Stat: Fangirls
Difficulty: 18
They tell you when to move them left, and when to move them right, and you quickly clear the lines.

You become a surgeon for the day, and have to remove a shark from a person's eye (a common procedure in this strange land)!

Your Solution: Punch the shark out and excise it!
Stat: Strength
Difficulty: 25
You complete the operation in record time!

Dracula and his castle emerge from the black depths and terrorize the land. What do you do?

Your Solution: Item Crash!
Stat: Magic
Difficulty: 25
You trash the castle in an instant. Easy!

Tiny creatures, no bigger than your thumb, are trying to get away from a large biting snake with the head of a bird!

Your Solution: Wrestle the bird to the ground!
Stat: Strength
Difficulty: 20
You grab the bird and bring it to the ground, letting them through.

A large man in yellow and his spindly brother challenge you to a tennis match!

Your Solution: Hook up with a princess!
Stat: Hotness
Difficulty: 20
You totally talk Daisy into taking the net, and she is invincible up there. Nice view for you, too.


Uh-oh, boss time!

In the distance, you spot a friendly, smiling man. The earth itself sprouts flowers around him, and you know that this is the one who can teach you.

Your Main Combat Stat: Hotness

You are given a +2 to your combat stat for every Hyper in that stat remaining!

Boss Fight

You are fighting: Shigeru Miyamoto

You walk up to him, bow, and begin reminiscing about games long past, and speak of games to come. He tests your faith, by speaking on what has come..

- Shigeru Miyamoto -
Hotness: 20
HP Remaining: 60

He holds up a hand, and you stop. The man nods, and you know that you've proven yourself worthy.

He plugs in an old NES, sits down with you, and teaches you a new skill - or are you just remembering it from years long past?

You learn…

  • Fight 1
Ice Beam
You can freeze enemies and leap off of them to higher levels! Hot!
+1 Hotness Hyper!
Indispensable in Norfair.
  • Fight 2
Ground Pound
You can rattle the ground around you, knocking enemies off of their feet.
+1 Strength Hyper.
Take that, Player 2!
  • Fight 3
Down Thrust
You have the ability to point your sword downward, a long-lost art.
+1 Fangirls Hyper.
Learned from a soldier in Mido town.
  • Fight 4
Spread Shot
Allows you to fire your weapon in a wide swath.
+1 Magic Hyper!
Cuts down Red Falcon troops in massive numbers

The man smiles. "Stop by again sometime." He waves as you leave.

  • Fight 5
Konami Code
Gives you ten times the lives of ordinary humans.
+1 Intelligence Hyper.
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A

The man smiles. "I have nothing more to teach you. All I can offer you if you return again is another friendly game." He smiles, watching you leave.

The 6-th Boss Battle

- Shigeru Miyamoto -
Hotness: 25
HP Remaining: 60

He holds up a hand, and you stop. The man nods, and you know that you've proven yourself worthy.

He looks at you, and says, "But I have taught you everything you need. Why did you come to see me?" You smile back, and say..

"I just wanted to play."

The man smiles broadly, and laughs and laughs along with you. You have finally realized the Truth. You are now, and forever..

Old School
You have discovered the truth behind gaming - to show people that the world is bigger than they think, but small enough to change.
+1 to all attributes.
'The person next to you is a warrior and the space that appears empty is a secret door to another world? You either dismiss it, or you accept that there is much more to the world than you think.' — Shigeru Miyamoto
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