Human Transmutation


  • Level 80

Level Cap Quest 3 - Human Transmutation:
Through extreme lack of sleep, you've stumbled upon the ultimate secret of getting to the maximum level - Human Transmutation!
( minimum level: 80 - once beaten, you can play this quest for half the Awesome for fun! )

Starting your Quest

Honestly, you HAVE been staying up for a couple days straight, you've been reading FMA fanfic for hours on end, and you swear you saw a Totoro hiding behind a dumpster, but whatever - you think you've got a lead on a Real Ultimate Power! Now, to gather clues to track down the ones with the Truth!

You'll need to pick three items to boost your stats, as you take on 10 encounters, and a Quest Boss! Each encounter will let you pick between various stats and items to deal with it, and some will work better than others. (note: Quests are HARD. You'll need to figure out what stats are important, and what items, through cleverness.)

Item Slot 1:

  • Alchemist's Watch (gives +1 to All)
  • Armblade (gives +5 to Str)
  • Alchemist's Gloves (gives +5 to Mag)

Item Slot 2:

  • Suit of Armor (gives +30 to HP)
  • Skintight Black Combat Gear (gives +5 to Hot)
  • State Alchemist's Uniform (gives +5 to Fan)

Item Slot 3:

  • Original Japanese Manga (gives +3 to Int and Mag)
  • Poorly Translated Fanbook (gives +3 to Fan and Hot)
  • Trading Card Game Deck (gives +1 to All)

You've gathered your notes, and steeled your mind against the horrors of what failure might bring. And now, to battle!



Uh-oh, boss time!

You finally found them - the two brothers who have performed this incredible feat and survived! They've even disguised themselves as little kids who have no idea what you are talking about, and just went to toss out their soda cans! Hungry for power, you charge them screaming!

Your Main Combat Stat: Magic

You are given a +2 to your combat stat for every Hyper in that stat remaining!

Boss Fight

You are fighting: The Elric Brothers

You rush them, shouting random alchemical forumlae, hoping to cow them into telling you their secrets!

- The Elric Brothers -
Magic: 36
HP Remaining: 40

They crumple to the floor, sobbing, and hand you their mom's grocery list! THIS must be their coded secret! Only a master - a Level 100 alchemist - could perform this on themselves and survive! Now, back to your training..


You now have a max level of 100,

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