• Level 40

Level Cap Quest 1 - Breakthrough:
Break through the dealer's line - and your first maximum level cap!
( minimum level: 40 - once beaten, you can play this quest for half the Awesome for fun! )

Starting your Quest

You've got one heck of a task to complete today - Get into the dealer's room at Versuscon! Get what you need from your room, and set out… to ADVENTURE!

You'll need to pick three items to boost your stats, as you take on 10 encounters, and a Quest Boss! Each encounter will let you pick between various stats and items to deal with it, and some will work better than others. (note: Quests are HARD. You'll need to figure out what stats are important, and what items, through cleverness.)

Item Slot 1:

  • 2-Liter of Soda (gives +10 to HP)
  • DS with fresh batteries (gives +1 to Int and Mag)
  • Yaoi Manga (gives +2 to Fan)

Item Slot 2:

  • Extra-Strength Gum (gives +4 to Hot)
  • Walkie Talkies (gives +3 to Int)
  • Bandolier of Deodorant (gives +3 to Str)

Item Slot 3:

  • Freshly Laundered Clothes (gives +1 to All)
  • Extra-Thick Trenchcoat (gives +20 to HP)
  • Magical Girl Costume (gives +4 to Mag)

You finish gearing up, and walk down to the main line. It stretches across spacetime itself, filled with the scariest denizens of fandom. You line up, and prepare.. for ADVENTURE!


You have realized that you've forgotten to wear pants. Heavens!

Your Solution: Pretend it is the new fashion!
Stat: Hotness
Difficulty: 15
It catches on, and everyone takes their pants off too! This is both a blessing and a curse.

A really smelly passed-out guy has fallen across the line (too much Pocky). Oh no!

Your Solution: Deodorize him!
Item Needed: Bandolier of Deodorant
Item Found!
You bombard him with deodorant, and you successfully cover the smell!

Whoa, there's that creepy guy who talks about cabbage. Uh-oh, he is asking YOU about cabbage!

Your Solution: Hypnotize him with bok choy-like movements!
Stat: Magic
Difficulty: 17
'You are getting… tasty…' You wave your fingers like leaves of cabbage, and he falls asleep. You walk right past him.

Yikes! The girls behind are in some sort of Yaoi fight! It's coming this way!

Your Solution: Get your fangirls to join in!
Stat: Fangirls
Difficulty: 17
No one knows how you pulled that off, but you'll be the talk of every anime news site for years. Good job!

The Great Equalizer calls - you have to go to the bathroom! Get out of line? Never!

Your Solution: Talk that guy over there into holding your place!
Stat: Intelligence
Difficulty: 17
He holds it just long enough you you to go and take care of business.

Bear in the line. BEAR IN THE LINE!

Your Solution: Feed the bear a fangirl!
Stat: Fangirls
Difficulty: 19
The fangirls, getting your suggestion wrong, kill and eat the bear. Hey, whatever works!

Getting close to the front, and you realize.. you forgot your badge!

Your Solution: Beat up a staffer and take his!
Stat: Strength
Difficulty: 18
You stuff some bootlicker in a trashcan, and grab his badge!

Whoa, there's an excellent cosplayer ahead of you, and she wants her picture taken! Pay attention to her, or she'll NEVER leave you alone!

Your Solution: Convince her you are out of film!
Stat: Intelligence
Difficulty: 18
She pouts, but then latches on to the next person in line. Safe for now!

A pair of arguing Naruto fanboys are blocking everyone up. What to do?

Your Solution: Get them both dates!
Stat: Fangirls
Difficulty: 20
You hook them up, and off to the dance they go! Good job.

Uh-oh, there's a tasty food vendor JUST over there, and you can't order anything without getting out of line..

Your Solution: Con someone else into buying you food!
Stat: Intelligence
Difficulty: 19
You find some little Pokemon freak, and give him a fiver to get you a hot dog. Score!


Uh-oh, boss time!

There's a huge crowd at the door to the dealer's room - a HUGE fanboy has plugged the doors fast! Your brute strength will have to save the day..

Your Main Combat Stat: Strength

You are given a +2 to your combat stat for every Hyper in that stat remaining!

Boss Fight

You are fighting: Giant Nasty Fanboy

You square up, and rush the giant blubberball with all your might!

- Giant Nasty Fanboy -
Strength: 26
HP Remaining: 40

You burst through, sending the fanboy into orbit, and the dealer's room is saved!


You now have a max level of 60!

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