2 B A Master


Pika-Hat & Pokedex: You may now quest to be a Pokemon Master!

Hidden Quest 2 - 2 B A Master:
The Quest to be a Pokemon Master!
(note - while this quest costs 20 Awesome to attempt, you will need to pay an ADDITIONAL 200 XP on top of that when you beat it to gain an ability. Don't start this quest unless you currently have at least 200 XP)

Starting your Quest

So, you come home with your new Pokegear, and your little brother's goes crazy. 'OMG U PLAY TOO LET ME SHOW YOU MY POKERMANS THERE IS A TOURNAMENT WE CAN WINS,' he says. You beat him with a frying pan, and he drops a flyer that talks of a tournament..

You'll need to pick three items to boost your stats, as you take on 10 encounters, and a Quest Boss! Each encounter will let you pick between various stats and items to deal with it, and some will work better than others. (note: Quests are HARD. You'll need to figure out what stats are important, and what items, through cleverness.)

Item Slot 1:

  • Electric Pokemon (gives +2 to Fan and Hot)
  • Ground Pokemon (gives +2 to Str and Int)
  • Psychic Pokemon (gives +2 to Int and Mag)

Item Slot 2:

  • Water Gym Uniform (gives +5 to Hot)
  • Team Rocket Uniform (gives +5 to Int)
  • Pikachu Suit (gives +30 to HP)

Item Slot 3:

  • Ultra Balls (gives +5 to Str)
  • Rare Candies (gives +5 to Mag)
  • Technical Machines (gives +1 to All)

'Heh heh heh', you say. 'I will win these stupid badges, and get my own kick-butt dragon thing, and maybe learn something on the way.' Away you go!


Team Rocket is sucking up everyone's Pokemon with a giant vacuum!

Your Solution: Stomp the vacuum to bits!
Stat: Strength
Difficulty: 23
Stomp stomp stomp! Team Rocket is blasting off again!

Some little idiot has locked one of the Routes up, and only he knows the password!

Your Solution: Psychic Mindread!
Item Needed: Psychic Pokemon
Item Found!
They read his mind, and you save the day!

Apparently, you need a Pokemon to do a backflip, breathe fire, sing a metal song, and breakdance to get past this one obstacle. There's no Pokemon that does all that, though!

Your Solution: Yes there is!
Stat: Intelligence
Difficulty: 28
Of course! The AdvanceThePlotMon! You've got one right here!

Your Pokemon are tired, but the Pokemon Center is closed.

Your Solution: Create a Pokedrink from local plants!
Stat: Magic
Difficulty: 13
Pecha Berry plus Oran Berry equals full HP and Action! (you hope!)

Hot Gym Trainers urge you to stay with them and hang out.

Your Solution: Bring them with you
Stat: Hotness
Difficulty: 22
They follow you like little puppies wherever you go!

This other Pokemon trainer wants to 'borrow' one of your Pokemon, and they are really cute..

Your Solution: My pokemon are cuter
Stat: Hotness
Difficulty: 14
You tell them a helpful way to catch their own, and send them on their way.

You've just collected all 150 Pokemon! But THERE ARE NOW MORE NEW POKEMON. Ack!

Your Solution: Catch the other ones
Stat: Magic
Difficulty: 23
You want to be the very best!

You need one of your Pokemon to help with your quest, but you've heard that they are tasty with salt.

Your Solution: Eat up and catch another one later!
Stat: Strength
Difficulty: 24
Mmm, tasty. You pick up a new one in a nearby forest.

This one Pokemon trainer won't shut up about his stupid Pokemon, about how powerful they are, how special they are, etc. etc.

Your Solution: Push them in a lake!
Stat: Strength
Difficulty: 23
I am sensing a pattern here.

A big fat sleeping Pokemon blocks a bridge you must pass.

Your Solution: Push them in a lake!
Stat: Strength
Difficulty: 28
You tip it over and move on.


Uh-oh, boss time!

You make it to the top, and who is the new Pokemon Master, but your own brother!

Your Main Combat Stat: Intelligence

You are given a +2 to your combat stat for every Hyper in that stat remaining!

Boss Fight

You are fighting: Your Little Brother

You pull out your best Pokemon, and challenge him!

- Your Little Brother -
Intelligence: 22
HP Remaining: 40

You win! He runs home, crying. Ha ha ha!

The little boy stamps his feet angrily, and runs off in tears. "ILL GET U NEXT TIME JUST U WAIT," he blubbers. Whatever, dude! More badges for you.

You get…

  • Fight 1
Kanto Region Badges
The Pokemon Badges from the central region of Kanto, known for its popular Pokemon.
+2 XP for every Fangirls fight won!
*power chords* I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was..
  • Fight 2
Orange Region Badges
The Pokemon Badges from the southern islands of the Pokemon World, known for its totally hot trainers.
+2 XP for every Hotness fight won!
To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause.. *cue disco lights*
  • Fight 3
Johto Region Badges
The Pokemon Badges from the Johto area, where the Pokemon Prefessors come from.
+2 XP for every Intelligence fight won!
I will travel across the land, searching far and wide.. *dramatic pan over mountains*
  • Fight 4
Sinnoh Region Badges
The Pokemon Badges from the mountainous area of Sinnoh, home to the mystic Lakes.
+2 XP for every Magic fight won!
*all together now!* Pokemon! A heart so true.. Our courage will pull us through..
  • Fight 5
Hoenn Region Badges
The Pokemon Badges from the southwestern area of Hoenn, created by the strongest Pokemon in the world!
+2 XP for every Strength fight won!
*fly girls in chorus* Teach Pokemon to understand, the power that's inside..

The little kid gives you a stank-eye. "OKAY NOW ILL GET U NEXT TIME ILL HAVE the ULTIMATE POKERMANS!"

The 6-th Boss Battle

- Your Little Brother -
Intelligence: 27
HP Remaining: 40

You win! He runs home, crying. Ha ha ha!

You hold the little guy down and threaten to spit on him if he doesn't give you his Pokemon he cries and cries, and you take his Pokeball. Inside, you find..

Legendary Pokemon
You've got your own Legendary Pokemon! It'll fly you from place to place, giving you more free time to party!
+5 Fights a day!
You teach me and I'll teach you.. Po-ke-monnnn - Gotta catch em all! *metal guitar riff*

(If you have defeated him 6 times before, you get this message:)
You take the kid's shoes and play PokeFetch with your Pokemon (until they PokeEat the shoes, that is).

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