Transmutation Guide

Defeat all five Transmutation Bosses

After you complete The Final Quest at level 80 you will be able to fight once per day one of the Transmutation Bosses.
At this point I advise you to restat. You should let a stat very low so that you can have the others high. I choose Hotness because the bonus you receive from this stat doesn't help you that much. Don't worry you won't be able to defeat the Hotness boss. You will defeat him later, before you fignt the Transmutation Master.

Stat Level
Strength 31
Intelligence 32
Magic 33
Hotness 32
Fangirls 31

I included Hotness in the table too in the case you want to lower another stat. The levels are the minimum you need so that when you consume an item that grants you +4 to that stat you will be able to defeat the Transmutation Boss. Strength must be 10 or more, otherwise you will have to increase that minimul level by 1.
You should have all your hypers in your stat with the lowest level, if you followed my recommandation in Hotness.

Defeat the previous Transmutation Master in all five attributes

To be able to try this you must reach Level 100 first.
Before attempting this make sure you have the following:

1. Use all of the Items.

2. Restat to the following levels. Fangirls should get the rest of the points. To be on the safe side you can restat all but Fangirls to 40. If you have one and only one Transmutation Boss that you didn't defeat him do it now.

Stat Level
Strength 39
Intelligence 39
Magic 39
Hotness 39
Fangirls ?

3. Fight the Transmutation Master and note his Stats. Don't worry if you lose in Fangirls.

4. Restat to the levels you noted.

5. Fight the Transmutation Master again. Now you will defeat him for sure.

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