Stats Guide

New Character

You get 25 Points to distribuite how you wish. Every stat needs at least 1 point, but no more than 9.
I recommend setting your stats to this values:

Stat Level
Strength 1
Intelligence 9
Magic 5
Hotness 1
Fangirls 9

Leveling Stats

Here is a table with all the bonuses you get:

Level Bonus
10 Win all ties in fights
15 Win all ties in fights, and when breaking boss abilities, only lose one Hyper!
10 5 extra fights a day!
15 12 extra fights a day!
10 +30% bonus to finding rare items!
15 +30% bonus to finding rare items, and 2 Awesome per Rival Fight you start!
10 +40 XP in the daily standings!
15 +40 XP in the daily standings, and get a 50% increase to all Top 20 bonuses!
10 +1 XP in every fight!
15 +3 XP in every fight!
Any Stat
20 +5 XP at the beginning of the day!
25 another +10 additional XP at the beginning of the day!

First you will want to get Fangirls to 15. This way you increase the XP you get from a fight.

Next get Intelligence to 15. Now you will have more fights per day. This means you will get more XP daily.

The next stat you will want to get to 15 is Magic. By now you are over level 10 so you can add rivals.
The best place to look for rivals is on the BvS Forum.

Now you should increase Strength to 15. You will fight the Boss from the first quest in the Strength Stat.

Now you have a choice. You can either raise the stats above until you reach level 60 or you could balance them by leveling Hotness to 15.
If you level all but Hotness you will win more fights.
If you level Hotness you will be able to fight the boss from The Art of Nin Ten Do. If you gather items that grant you Hotness you can keep it at 1 and still finish The Art of Nin Ten Do (this is tested).

Either way you should keep in mind that you must defeat the bosses from the Level Cap Quests.

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