Boss Fights

Level 20 Bosses

When you defeat the boss you will receive the Boss Shield in that stat. If someone fights you in that stat and his stat is lower that yours he will need 2 hypers to defeat you, but will only spend 1 if his Strength is 15+. If he only has 1 hyper remaining in that stat, he loses it and you gain 10 XP.

Stat Difficulty Name
Strength 14 Alex Louis Armstrong
Intelligence 13 Light
Magic 12 Negi
Hotness 13 Sano
Fangirls 14 Gaara

Level 81 Bosses

Fight past the guardians of character transmutation, as well as Ultimate Boss Abilities! If someone loses to you in a fight where you have a Transmutation ability for that stat, you gain 10 XP - and you're completely immune to Hypers in that stat.

Stat Difficulty Name
Strength 35 Gluttony
Intelligence 36 Pride
Magic 37 Wrath
Hotness 36 Lust
Fangirls 35 Greed
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